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EMDA Network Organisation is a non-profit development organisation, with particular emphasis on monitoring and supervision of small-scale projects in the sector of development aid, being supported by Governments and International Institutions. Particular emphasis is given to the development and improvement of the living conditions of human resources and transfer of technology, based on small-scale operations (Micro development).

EMDA operates in close co-operation with other, mostly local, organisations and donors and is herewith able to establish joint-operations between local organisations and partners within the European Union, as well as in the Developing Countries associated with the EU.

EMDA is also partner in the European NGO-Network and is registered as NGO with the European Commission. The Organisation has access to EU Databases and is member of Asia The Organisation has access to EU Databases and is member of the Asia Network.
EMDA is also registered as a NGO with ADB and EBRD.

Apart from the Central Association in Luxembourg, the EMDA Network Organisation has independent member-organisations in The Netherlands and Romania, as well as in Suriname, Fiji, India  and in Ghana. Associated members exist in several other developing countries and EU-member states.
Project preparation and funding resources is central supported from Luxembourg, while monitoring and supervision, including controlling and training programs, are implemented by the local network partners.  

EMDA is associated with major development assistance organisations and EU-Institutions. Based on its status as an
independent network organisation, promoting development assistance required in selected areas, EMDA is accepted
worldwide as an intermediary institution for development assistance. This status gives EMDA a special position to
guarantees optimal assistance particularly to the Donor Institutions and Financial Intermediaries.