Since the inception of the EMDA Network in 1990, the EMDA Network has been actively involved in supporting sustainable development, to improve the living-conditions of the poor in the European Union and the Developing Countries associated with the EU.
The EMDA Network Organisation is involved in a range of European activities, including:

Identification- and Developing Missions
In the last years various missions have been organised in close cooperation with donors and other development institutions. Recently various identification missions in the sector of networking and project preparation have been initiated.

Programme Innovation and Research
The EMDA Network offers in-house NGO-services to support regional and international development, strategy and structural assistance by the development of cross-border projects, co-financed by the European Commission or other Donor-Organisations.

Organisational assistance with Institutional Development
EMDA Network is assisting regional organisations and other development institutions, as well within the EU as in the developing countries and delivers a contribution in the sectors:

  • Monitoring of Development Projects
  • Auditing of the Development Financing
  • Information on European Regulations and Strategy in the sector of Development Aid
  • Control of Project-Quality and regulations for NSA-Development Aid
  • Licence- and Patent development
  • Participation in Sustainable Development
  • Databases and Information for NGOs and NSA
  • Transfer of Expertise, Technology and Training-Facilitating