NGO Projects:

Regional development Projects (community development) in various countries in the Pacific.

In Suriname, Emda established local organisational setup for project preparation and co-ordination throughout the Caribbean region, including monitoring of NGO-projects.

Beekeeping projects Kenya, Fiji, Samoa, Suriname identification Mission, including Feasibility Studies.

In Suriname, EMDA established an own office for project preparation and co-ordination in the country, including monitoring of NGO-projects. Preparation and monitoring of NGO and Community projects in Romania, Poland and the Baltic States funded from EU-member states.

Preparation of PHARE/LIEN Programme for the assistance of NGOs, to support handicapped people in their way to integrate themselves within the community in Latvia.

The preparation of a programme to improve public awareness in Latvia concerning influence of people on the decision-making processes in government, PHARE programme.

Infrastructure developing project Mures region (NGO supported), Romania.

Preparing project proposals for NGOs to funded by EU/PHARE Programme in Latvia, Estonia, Romania.

Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Projects:

Humanitarian assistance to the Fireworks disaster in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Assistance to the rehabilitation from the floods in Saxony, Germany.

Human assistance and monitoring initiatives from the Earthquake disaster in Gujarat, India.

Monitoring and Supervision of Sanitation and Food preservation programmes in Armenia and Georgia. Executing organisation in the field: MEDAIR Switzerland, funded by ECHO.

Monitoring and Evaluation of EU-funded programme concerning returnees in Mozambique, Zambezia Province, implemented by ZOA Refugee Care.

During several years NGO extended relief and rehabilitation programmes in Romania, focussing on flood-affected areas, funded by the Dutch Government.

On-going extended Relief and Rehabilitation to poor fisherfamilies in Tsunami affected rural areas in India and Sri Lanka.
  Regional and Community development:

In Sri Lanka and Ghana preparation development programmes in the fisheries sector as poverty reduction initiative .

In various countries of the ACP(Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) Emda carries out feasibility studies on industrial development, funded by CDI and other donors.

In various Countries of the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific), EMDA carried out Feasibility Studies on SME and agro industrial development, funded by CDI and other donors.

In the Baltic States, Poland and Romania, the Organisation is undertaking regional development and access advisory activities to encourage participation to the European Union with financial support of the National Authorities and the EU.

Preparation of Regional cross-border development in Valga County (Estonia, Latvia)

Assistance to the set-up of cross-border regional development bodies (Euro-regions) in Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania.

Setting up training and fellowship programme for adapted technology to bring production in Developing Countries on ISO-level and HACCP.

National Counselor for the past Europartenariat Events (Glasgow, Gdansk, Bilbao, Dortmund, Portugal, Northern Scandinavia and Italy), Europartenariat Programme EC, beneficiaries are companies from the various participating countries.

National Counselor for Medpartenariat Turkey, Marocco and Israel, project objectives and impact as in Europartenariat programme.

National Counselors for Partenariat European Union / Middle East 1994, project objectives and impact as in Europartenariat programme.

EC tourism development - Organised Seminar in co-operation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Freizeit: The leisure-market in the European Union after completion of the Internal Market".

EMDA has been involved as Co-ordination Counselor for Interpartenariat Caribbean 1994, implemented by EC in the French: Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana.

EMDA implemented developing projects in the South-Pacific and ASEAN Countries, co-funded by CDI and EU.

Feasibility Studies in veterinary medicine sector in Estonia (funded by EC)

Co-founder and supporting-organisation to the Latvian Technology Park in Riga, Latvia.

Joint venture assistance in the food sector in Poland, Czech Republic, Baltic States and Romania.