In townhall of Dinkelland the contract for building nine appartments for Roma families in Slovakian
Liptovsky Mikulas, has been signed on August 8th. Dinkelland contributes € 32.000 to this project.

At first it was in the intention to build fifteen houses in Liptovsky Mikulas in behalve of the there living
Romafamilies. The councel of Dinkelland agreed to the providing with credit.
Then Emda researched what had to be done for preparing the building project. It showed that
the project would have a far longer way for preparation than meant.
It would not be possible to start building before 2007.

In consultation with the council of Liptovsky Mikulas, Emda looked for an alternative plan, that
could be carried out in short notice.
The Slovakian council brought up an alternative plan, that had already gone through the time of
dicision-making, and could be taken on in short notice.
The intended plan of building 15 houses was translated in renovating, rearanging and expension of the
already existing building on Roma territory.

There will be build nine new appartments for Roma families, two rooms for social education and
a room for receiving of homeless people and visitors without a place to stay. Furthermore there will be
build an office for police and security.

Next tot that complementary measures will be taken, such as laying out a paved field with lighting and
the paving of an entry road and parking space.

Liptovsky Mikulas and Emda have asked the council of Dinkelland to agree with the above mentioned
changing of the plan.
The prelimenary contribution as provided by the council of Dinkelland is nog going to be changed.
Furthermore the council of Liptovsky Mikulas approved to the co-finacing and affermed in writing that the
"slum area" after completing of this project in full, will be broken down.