More than 150.000 people have died on Sunday December 26th, 2004 caused by meters high floods following the heavy earthquake around
the cost of Indonesia.
More than1 million people lost their homes
The help of Emda will be concentrated on the countries Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives.

Emda, active in this region since 1998 directly started mobilising their organisation and directed assessment teams in the affected area's.
This has been organised in close co-operation with other development organisations within the NGO-EU Network and the institutions
in the area..


On the basis of own experiences with earthquake in Gujarat and the floods in Orissa in India and rehabilitation program in Mozambique.
Emda is preparing a rehabilitation program on the re-establishment of facilities and accommodation, focussed on the poor section of
the population.
Also assistance will be provided to rebuild facilities in the area bringing the civil society to normal living conditions again.

Sri Lanka
Emda prepared a rehabilitation project in Sri Lanka in view of the uprooted people program. By the tsunami this now has been over led.
Instead a rehabilitation program will put in place, focused on the poor part of the victims (special fishermen) of the tsunami. (See recent
figures of the victim's tsunami).

With example from Gujarat a specific integrated help has been chosen to assist villages selected and adopted for help and rehabilitation.
On the basis of logistical co-operation in the region an assessment team is in the regions of Tricomalee, Baticaloa en Galle.
The information received will be used for the project implementation by the operational team. Emda expects within 2 weeks to complete
the preparation stage

In India Emda/DMI is with a team in Tamil Nadu(Madras) region to prepare possible rehabilitation assistance in the slams and the
heavy damaged villages of the fishermen.
The final rehabilitation project will also here be focused on integrated adoption of some heavy damaged villages of poor fishermen.

Emda's way of operation is those of towards sustainable development from an extended relief situation. In area's affected and adopted,
Emda is involved with the preparation of the rehabilitation. Psychosocial assistance and improved living conditions of the local population
are important segments.

Emda opened for funding purposes of this tremendous rehabilitation initiative a special bank account:
Giro account number: 393.5454 named Support Rehabilitation.
First reactions are promising for which we are very grateful.
  Reactions rank and file
Although the rehabilitation phase still has to become operational, the first financial reaction of population in the Netherlands is promising.
Several people offer their assistance and intent to travel to the area affected.
However, we advise not to undertake this at the moment. As soon as the next phase will start there are less risks, rehabilitation assistance
will be welcome. Emda prefers to use local assistance.

Shipment of goods and material
From various sides Emda received offers for the supply of goods, like clothes etc.
In view of the distance it is the best to buy these goods in the region itself. This is also good for the local economical development. Exception
may be made for special materials to be used on rehabilitation: Materials used for rapid building systems, fishing boats, nets and equipment
for telecommunication etc.